Mini Transat 2017.

CRO 704


Where there is an aperitif, there should be a digestif, too. The main course being the Trophee MAP and the Mini Fastnet, there was plenty to digest afterwards. Let's start with the most important, the entry list for the Mini Transat 2017. I was pretty nervous with the dates of the entries (December 3rd) closing in. I knew I didn't…
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MINI FASTNET 2016. - The return of the Jedi

Doaurenez is a small village in Brittany, France. 20.000 souls, most of them sea oriented. What a beautiful sight to see - every day at least 30 boats out sailing in the Bay of Douarnenez. Fishermen, sailors, seamen.. For almost 20 days we were also a part of this seasharade.. And are proud and happy to be so. Having…
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It's for Marie Agnes Peron, a sailor that went missing in the Bay of Biscay during the Mini Transat 1991., that this regatta is a hommage to. A 220 nm long solo race, starting from Douarnenez, rounding the glorious Pointe du Raz, heading to Ile de Groix and than around Chaussee de Sein back to Douarnenez. But let's start from…
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After all the winter works, Eloa was shiny and ready for some serious sea trials. My friend Dado and his Mini Transat project companion "Sisa II" - a Pogo2, CRO 602 - came to visit us for a week of sailing sessions in our archipelago. With some perfect weather conditions, we were able to solve from first hand the mystery…
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After a season of fantastic sailing experiences, Eloa begged for some changes and improvements. As Christmas was just around the corner, we decided to reward ourselves with a major facelifting procedure.. All deck equipment had to be taken off, checked, cleaned and repaired. The deck had to be sanded, new anti-skid applied. The antifouling removed, sanded and re-applied. The mast…
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