J80 'ELOA'

If you would like to expand your sailing horizons with a modern sportboat in open waters outside protected harbors and lakes, there's only one choice: the International J/80 one-design class sailboat. Sailing World magazine rated J/80 as easier to handle, less intimidating, safer and better suited for sailing offshore than other modern sportboats tested. That's how the world sees it. Well, there's not much difference in how we see it. It's easy to handle, it's trailerable, it's fast enough, it can sail windward leeward courses, it can sail from 0 to 30 knots winds, it can go offshore.. And the kids love it!


Length: 8.0 m
Beam: 2.51 m
Draft: 1.49 m
Displacement: 1315 kg
Designer: Rod Johnstone


The Bénéteau Figaro Uchuck (this name, in the language of the Canadian Native Americans means "healing waters") was launched in 1993 and since then has traveled many thousands of miles in racing in the most famous competitions in our hemisphere. With the skipper Laurent Pellecuer it was setting records for almost a decade on the scene of the French Atlantic and transatlantic regattas. In 2008 it was brought to Italy and subjected to a thorough refitting to the historic sailing number FRA 27110 and from the 2010 season challenge the best crews of the Adriatic.



Length: 9.14 m
Beam: 3.25 m
Draft: 1.80 m
Displacement: 2.400 kg
Designer: Group Finot / Jean Berret


A way of life, the Classe Mini offers a variety of different emotions and experiences - from day sailing trough weekend races to crossing the Atlantic Ocean - singlehanded. In these pocket rockets you are able to see what it feels like sailing at high speeds in small offshore boats. Safe, fun and fast.. Try it!



Length: 6.5 m
Beam: 3.0 m
Draft: 2.0 m
Displacement: 1050 kg
Designer: Sam Manuard