Not being such an old lady, Eloa didn’t need big facelifting procedures, just minor aesthetics and functional tweaks. It took us 25 days to optimize and refresh both Eloa’s interior and exterior. All the major equipment was checked – including rudders, mast, keel and electricity – while the sailing hardware was cleaned, refreshed and renewed. Fresh ropes (Lancelin), new dyneema shackles and splices, new rudder fittings and joints, new bowsprit, new solar panel mounts as well as the new GPS (Furuno) and VHF (Garmin), instrument panel and cockpit bags.. A sailor’s dearest worries

As for the interior, following Sam Manuard’s (the designer of the boat) drawings, we took out some unnecessary weight..

and turned it into space usable for different stacking options:

With lady Eloa’s newly designed rear end, showing her new homeport and sailclub logo:

..polished hull and thoroughly smoothed bottom, and some final mast preparations:

..we were ready for the first sea trials…